Roundtable #2 in Gródek nad Dunajcem
Date: March 28, 2024

Gródek nad Dunajcem, a community often challenged by the threat of flash floods, has become the focal point of an innovative initiative aimed at enhancing flood safety. The FLOPRES project, dedicated to improving flash flood predictions and responses, was officially launched here, marking a significant milestone in local and regional flood management efforts.

A Gathering of Experts and Community Members

The roundtable event in Gródek nad Dunajcem brought together local government representatives, water management and crisis management experts, residents, and local organization members. This meeting was centered around the introduction and discussion of the FLOPRES system, a new approach to managing flood risks through advanced technology.

Introducing FLOPRES

The core of the FLOPRES project is its innovative sensor-based system, designed to collect crucial hydrological and meteorological data. This system aims to provide accurate predictions of flash flood events, enabling early warnings for local authorities and community members, thus allowing for timely preparations and responses to flood threats.

The roundtable was designed to be interactive, encouraging input from all attendees about how the FLOPRES system can best serve the needs of Gródek nad Dunajcem and its residents. The goal was to gather insights and suggestions to ensure the system’s effectiveness and alignment with the community’s requirements.

What This Means for Gródek nad Dunajcem

The launch of FLOPRES in Gródek nad Dunajcem represents an important step in using technology to improve flood preparedness. By focusing on accurate flood prediction and early warning systems, the project aims to significantly reduce the impact of flash floods on the community. This initiative is not just about implementing new technology; it’s about building a cooperative effort to enhance flood safety for everyone. With its success in Gródek nad Dunajcem, it could serve as a model for other communities facing similar flood risks.

Collaborative Forces Behind FLOPRES

The FLOPRES project, set to unfold over three years with a completion target of 2026, is made possible through the support of the European Union’s LIFE program—a key instrument for funding environmental and climate action initiatives. Spearheading this ambitious project is Esprit from Banská Štiavnica, serving as the main coordinator and driving force behind the project’s innovative approach to flood management.

Joining forces on the Slovak side, the Prešov Self-Governing Region (PSK) alongside GOSPACE LABS from Bratislava bring their expertise and commitment to tackling the challenges of flash floods. From Poland, Meteo Spólka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia from Warsaw and Malopolska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego SA from Krakow contribute their valuable meteorological and regional development knowledge.

Observers of the project include the Malopolska Region, the cities of Košice and Prešov, and the Innovation Centre of the Košice Region, all playing a vital role in supporting and disseminating the project’s outcomes. Together, these entities form a formidable alliance, combining technology, knowledge, and community engagement to advance flood safety and preparedness.


The FLOPRES project sets a precedent for innovative flood management solutions. Funding for the FLOPRES project is provided by the European Union’s LIFE program and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.