Roundtable #3 in Prešov – 29th May 2024
Date: June 24, 2024

Within the Flopres project, the Prešov municipality responds to recurring
events on its territory, which are caused by increasing frequency and
intense precipitation, as well as inappropriate land use that increases
surface runoff.

The implementation of the project has currently moved into its next
phase, which was also brought closer by the recent meeting (May 29
2024) held at the PSK Office with the participation of local government
representatives from the region, as well as partners. Its goal was to
present to the professional and lay public the current state of
implementation of Flopres project and its benefits for strengthening the
resistance of municipalities and their residents to events related to
climate change. The professional event also brought the proposal of
suitable solutions close to nature in flood protection, with the aim of
encouraging local communities and authorities to cooperate effectively in
their wider application.

One of the solutions to repeated floods is the forecast and warning
system currently being prepared. The pilot testing is to be deployed in
three basins of PSK, specifically in the basins of Ladomírka, Šibská vody
and Malá Svinka. It will provide warnings against flash floods for 36
municipalities in the basin of these streams. The choice of the optimal
location and installation of these stations, primarily from the point of view
of property-legal relations, monitoring of their functionality and security,
was also the topic of a joint discussion with the mayors of the

Specifically, up to 39 IoT water-level sensors are to be installed in the
PSK model territories on streams where hydrological measuring stations
are not currently operating. As part of the data collection, they will
provide information about the water level and exceeding its critical
values. At the same time, they will serve for the calibration and validation
of the rainfall-runoff prediction model. 20 hydrometeorological stations
measuring precipitation, temperature and soil moisture will also be
installed in model Slovak basins.